Tour of our restaurant
An active fisherman, the restaurant owner Michihiro Chikamune, goes fishing on the company’s fishing boat to bring you the freshest local fish of the season. He is also a fresh-fish broker throughout the Yatsushiro Sea region, so the fresh fish caught in the Yatsushiro Sea are carried directly to the fish-tank in our restaurant by the company’s car specifically designed for live fish.
It is our pride and joy to serve you our homemade food (no preservatives). We take pride in our ingredients and Yatshushiro, and most of all we are very proud and pleased to serve our customers every dish with the best of the ingredients.

Inside the first floor

Tables and chairs are in the open space.

The first floor counter
You can enjoy your food looking at the fish tank or in front
of the chefs.

Japanese style private room
Three types of rooms are available depending
on the party size (2-10 persons).
You can use these rooms for your precious moments,
Buddhist services, celebration banquet, dinner party, etc.

private rooms
They are popular private rooms with tables perfect
for couples and elderly people

2F Main Banquet Hall

2F Main Banquet Hall
This hall can accommodate 20-100 persons. It can be accommodated according to the number of the party.
Tables and chairs can also be accommodated.

detached room